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Here’s To Humanity: Audio Description Project

Posted on Sep 18, 2016 by in Voicevovers |

Lots of times I tell people “I do voiceovers” – which is true on occasion, but mostly what I do in the voicing industry is, technically, Audio Description.

The difference might not matter to you; what it means is that I add narrative description into video projects so that the blind or poorly sighted can tell what’s going on onscreen.  There’s no improv — it’s meticulously scripted and timed to fit in between lines of dialogue.  Joel Snyder of Audio Description Associates calls me when he needs a female voice.  He’s the guru of audio description, travels all over the world and holds conferences teaching others how to craft and record text, and has been awarded an honorary Ph.D. because of his groundbreaking work in the field.

Once upon a time, I was voicing things like Sesame Street and The Wedding Singer.  Lately the projects have been more national park-oriented (who knew my botany vocabulary would come in handy in a different industry?).

Check out my most recent project, “Here’s to Humanity,” created for a technology conference.  This one is unique in that both of us are talking, and we recorded it together in one take (that never happens, on either count).  Kinda fun, and only 2 minutes long!