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On Approval Extended!

Posted on May 20, 2015 by in Performances, Reviews |

We’re adding an extra week to the run.  Here are some of the great reviews:

“It will be hard not to fall in love with   On Approval, Frederick Lonsdale’s 1927 drawing-room comedy. The play, in which two rich women and two poor men take the then-scandalous step of trying out their prospective matches for a month before considering marriage, is a cheeky good time. Its barbs fly fast and furious, and its wit feels progressive even today. …Battles of the sexes live and die on the strength of their players, and Stage Guild has assembled a strong team.”   – Andrew Lapin, Washington City Paper

Sparkling performances buoy revival of British comedy ‘On Approval’ – “They’re having a dashed good time over at Washington Stage Guild, dredging up a positively ancient drawing room comedy, “On Approval,” and giving it a jolly trot round the old park. Director Steven Carpenter and his four-member cast do considerable justice to British dramatist Frederick Lonsdale’s 1920s bauble. …Lonsdale’s dialogue can still sparkle, and that the performances are good enough, and in one case, terrific enough, to earn audience approval. … “On Approval” stays classy and awfully amusing.” – Jane Horwitz, The Washington Post


5 STARS! “…this zinger-packed confection is not only a tasty delight about love and romance. In the aftermath of second-wave feminism, it’s a fascinating blast from the past full of pith and vinegar about women, men, and sex….a polished production of a real gem. Those who like dry wit with a bit of gist will be dazzled.” –  John Stoltenberg, DC Metro Theater


“On Approval” is a great way to spend a warm spring evening, especially with a date.” –  Andrew White, Broadway, DC


“Pleasingly, what the company does have to bring is top-notch, as all four performers, all the designers, and Carpenter give us great stuff to look at and listen to…” – Brett Steven Abelman, DC Theatre Scene